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Updates to our New User Training Curriculum

Jun 23, 2023 | Blog

We’re excited to announce a major change in the way we onboard new users! 

Historically, we’ve asked new (and returning) customers to attend one of our live training sessions when they received their Fusion3 3D printer.  After using this approach for several years and collecting user feedback and support metrics, we decided there was room for improvement in how we onboard and educate our customers.

Effective immediately, we’re releasing a series of New User Training videos to replace our live training sessions.  These videos cover everything you need to know to unpackage your 3D printer, set it up, run your first print, and get familiar with our slicer and the full 3D printing workflow.

As with our live training sessions, we ask that ALL new Fusion3 customers watch these videos before using their 3D printer.  We believe this is so important that this is a prerequisite for activating your warranty and receiving support from our customer support team.  Users who attend our training sessions (or watch these videos) have an average of 40% fewer issues & questions than users who don’t in the first weeks of ownership.

To view these videos, visit this page: New User Training.  

If you have suggestions for additional topics we should cover, please drop us a note!  And as always, happy printing!