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New EDGE Improvement Available: Scrub Plate Spacer

Apr 25, 2023 | Blog, EDGE, Product Update

NEW Scrub Plate Spacer


Here at Fusion3, we’re strong believers in continuous improvement: Our hardware, our software, and our business operations.  We’re excited to announce a hardware improvement for EDGE that will enhance your printer’s reliability and ease of use, and is a quick 5 minute installation.

The scrub plate spacer is a new part that is installed under the scrub plate, on the bed assembly.  This part replaces the stack of washers and washer retention o-ring on each screw.  We recommend all EDGE users upgrade at your earliest convenience, even if you’re not currently having any issues with your nozzle offset calibration.

The scrub plate spacer has a few key advantages:


Easier Maintenance: It’s easier to change the scrub pad, since now you don’t have to keep washers stacked on the screws that hold the scrub plate down.

Improved Performance: Using the scrub plate spacer makes the nozzle offset calibration more consistent.  We’ve removed compliance or flex from the system, made the scrub plate height more consistent, and better supported the scrub plate so it can’t tilt when force is applied during probing.  This means you will experience fewer re-probes during nozzle offset calibration, and more consistent first layer heights on your prints.

How to Get It

For EDGE printers with serial numbers higher than E10313, your printer comes with this part already installed.

For printers earlier than this, the scrub plate spacer is available in our store here. 

How to Install It

Please see our detailed installation instructions here. 

If you have additional questions about this change, or need help installing it, please reach out to our support team.  As always, thank you for your business, and happy printing!