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When will you have an announcement for the upgrade kits?
We estimate that we’ll have a firm list within 60 days (on or about June 17, 2018)
What are the factors that you are assessing for the upgrade kits?

We understand everyone wants the latest and greatest technology. We love our customers and want to make this possible, within reason. We have to weigh the following factors:

  • Is the upgrade easy for the user to install, integrate, and use?
  • Will installing and using the upgrade compromise the user experience or make the product harder to use?
  • What impact will releasing the upgrade have to our customer support processes? Are we able to adequately support machines in the field that have the upgrades installed?
  • Can we develop, manufacture, and support and upgrade pack at a price that makes sense for us and our customers?
  • In some cases, it simply doesn’t make sense to attempt to make new technology or systems available for existing machines due to one or more of these factors.
Will Fusion3 make any of the F410’s new features and technology available for F400 customers?
Yes, we intend to make some of the F410’s new features and technology available for existing F400 customers. These will be user-added kits; no need to ship machines back to Fusion3 to apply the upgrades.
Does Fusion3 already know which features won’t be available as a kit?
Most of the features that have been incorporated into the F410 are being considered. However, we do know for a fact that the F410’s conductive, automatic bed leveling system will NOT be offered due to the complexity & difficulty of such an upgrade.
What features will be made available as user installed kits?
The exact list of what will be available is still TBD; we are currently focused on manufacturing and shipping F410’s and ramping capacity to meet demand. Also, there are a number of factors that go into determining, creating and making kits for sale to our customer base.