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To find a specific question or browse answers from our FAQ’s, please select a category below. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact either Fusion3 sales (sales@fusion3design.com) or our Technical Support (support@fusion3design.com).

What is the process to purchase a printer from Fusion3?

To purchase a printer from Fusion3, a customer fills out our online quote request form (or provides this information to our sales representatives over the phone). Fusion3 responds with a customized quote that includes all the options specified by the customer, exact shipping costs to your location and the expected ‘lead time’ to ship the order. To place an order, the customer only needs to sign and return the quote form, specifying the method of payment. Fusion3 will send you a confirmation of your order and enter your order into our production & fulfillment system and will contact you to handle the payment details.

Why do you have a quote process instead of an online store?
We have experimented with a wide variety of transaction systems and found that a quote to order process is still preferred by our customers. Most of our customers are large companies or educational institutions and need a price quote to get approval from higher-ups. A large percentage of those also will pay using a purchase order which also requires a quote in hand. Lastly, our printers are shipped to the customer via LTL freight truck or International Air Freight. Shipping prices vary greatly based on location and other factors and need to be quoted for each order and a flat rate pricing system would require us to overcharge some customers at the expense of others.
Why does Fusion3 ‘build its printers to order’?
In order to keep both cost and price down, Fusion3 only builds so many printers ahead of our forecasted sales. Usually, our printers are in stock and ready to ship when payment is received from the customer. Occasionally, when demand for our printers is greater than forecasted, we will have a small backlog of orders will provide you an estimate (‘lead time’) of when we can ship your printer.
What does Fusion3 mean by ‘lead time’?
The ‘lead time’ is the time from placing and order and when the printer is boxed and ready to ship. Our goal is to maintain our lead times at 1 week or less. The lead time may occasionally be longer based on seasonality and other factors.
Can you print a sample part so I can compare Fusion3’s print results with your competitors?
We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that our printers have superior print speed AND quality than our competitors. We can print a part based on your own designs with a supplied ‘.STL’ file. If the file is small and does not use any exotic materials, we are pleased to do this at no charge. If the part is large or uses some exotic material, there may be a small charge which you can agree to in advance.
Does Fusion3 sell its 3D printers outside of the United States?
Yes, Fusion3 sell to customers around the world. We have satisfied customers on all continents. For customers, outside of the US and Canada, we ship our printers via International Air Freight.
What forms of payment does Fusion3 accept?
We accept credit cards, personal / company checks, electronic bank transfers (domestic & international) and purchase orders (for companies with proven credit). If your company is interested in leasing our 3D printers, we have partners who are able to provide approved US businesses with leasing terms.
How does your lease option work?
Fusion3 has partnered with Archer Capital, a leader in small-to-medium business leasing. Archer offers leases with a variety of duration and buy-out provisions. Their rates are competitive and determined based on your business’ D&B credit rating. If you have well established credit, the lease rates should be quite low and in line with competitive consumer credit card rates. If you don’t have established credit, a lease is a great way to conserve capital and build up a business credit history.
Does Fusion3 offer discounts to educational customers?
Yes, Fusion3 has an educational discount program for schools, universities, community colleges and other educational groups. Fusion3 also offers a student discount that requires valid proof of enrollment. Contact us for more detail.
Does Fusion3 offer volume discounts?
Yes, Fusion3 has very aggressive discounts for orders of four or more printers at one time. Contact our sales team for more detail.
Does Fusion3 offer discounts to Active Military & Veterans?
Yes, Fusion3 has a military/veteran discount that is offered to those who are currently or have served in the US armed forces.
Do you offer Fusion3 3D printers in kit form?
We do not sell printers in kit form. Our 3D printers go through a series of calibration and quality assurance testing to achieve our industry leading speeds and print quality. A customer assembling the printer themselves could not achieve this on their own.