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What are the regular maintenance items on the Fusion3 EDGE

The Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer is designed for long life and easy maintenance.

There are a few items that require maintenance, and users will receive notifications to perform scheduled tasks for most items via the control panel.

Those include (with intervals and cost)

  1. Replacement of the HEPA & Carbon Air filters (monthly, if used) ($8.33 each)
  2. Replacement of the Bowden tube (every 50-70 hours) ($3.00 each)
  3. Lubrication of linear rails (every 175 hrs) ($38.00)
  4. Cleaning of the extruder feed gears (each print) (no cost)
  5. Checking the tension & adjustment of the Extruder Idler bar (every 2-3 prints) (no cost)
  6. Replacement of the ANVIL print head temperature sensor and heater cartridge (approx 9-12 mos.) ($20.00 & $8.00 respectively)
Does EDGE require bed leveling?
The Fusion3 EDGE 3D printer has an automatic bed leveling process to ensure that on a day-to-day, keeps the bed level and ensures a great first layer, which is integral to the printer’s performance.

About once a month, you may to run through our step-by-step bed level wizard to adjust the beds plane in relationship to the leadscrews. This process is very easy and is done by adjusting the bed via screws on each of the two front leadscrews.

Does the Fusion3 EDGE Require any kind of Ongoing Calibration?
No, other than regular maintenance, the EDGE 3D printer does not require any regular calibration.

Your EDGE 3D Printer is assembled and rigorously calibrated and tested at our Greensboro, NC, USA factory, prior to delivery, which ensures the highest level of performance.

What is the process of changing nozzle sizes on EDGE?

The Fusion3 EDGE 3D printer uses our proprietary ANVIL print head, which uses a revolutionary print tube, instead of a screw in nozzle.

Our customers have two choices for changing nozzle sizes between prints:

  1. Change the print tube from one of the three sizes (.4MM, .6MM, or .8MM). To do so, using the supplied hex wrench, quickly and easily remove the print fan from the print head (4 hex nuts) and the loosen the 6 hex nuts in the ANVIL print head, which allow you to push the print tube up and out of the print head assembly. To install a new print tube, reverse the process. This takes just 2-3 minutes.
  2. Change the entire print head (if back-up print head purchased), by removing the print head from the gantry (2 hex screws) and disconnecting 3 electrical, wiring connecting clips. To install the new print head with the print tube already installed, reverse the process. This also takes 2-3 minutes to complete.

Full instructions for both steps are available in the Fusion3 Support section of our Website under Manuals & Downloads.