FAQ: Shipping

How does Fusion3 ship its printers?

Due to the size and precision nature of our equipment, we only ship via LTL freight carrier or Air Freight.

Why do you use LTL freight shipping (which is more expensive) vs. UPS / FedEx?

We tested the less expensive UPS / FedEx type shippers and found that they are unable to handle the printer without negatively affecting the printers’ calibration. The printer is packaged on a pallet in a shock-mounted box. This ensures everything arrives intact and ready to go.

Why is there an additional cost to ship to locations without a freight dock?

The lowest cost option is to ship via an LTL carrier to a location with a freight dock. The 18-wheeler does not need a liftgate to make this delivery. If the printer is to be delivered to either a residence or small business that does not have a freight dock, the freight shipper charges an extra fee as they will either have to transfer the printer to a smaller truck or ship on an 18-wheeler with a liftgate. The same fee applies for Educational institutions. The freight shipper assumes that they will have to use a smaller truck to navigate tight parking lots or narrow roadways.

Can I pick up my 3D printer at your factory?

Yes, you can pick up an order from our factory in Greensboro, NC, once your order is placed and at a pre-schedule date and time.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Fusion3 ships internationally. We provide two options, we can ship it to your door or to save cost, we can ship the printer to your nearest airport where you can pick it up.

Who is responsible for international taxes and duties?

The customer will be responsible at pickup for any duties or taxes due.

Once shipped, how long will it take to deliver my Fusion3 3D Printer to a location in the United States?

The time to receive a printer once shipped depends on your location and will vary. It usually takes 2-5 business days to locations in the United States. There are many factors to this including; distance to travel and if the delivery destination has a freight dock or forklift.

Once shipped, how long will it take to deliver my Fusion3 3D Printer to a location in Canada?

Generally, our shipments to Canada take 4 to 10 days. Printer shipments to Canada, as in the US, are shipped via LTL freight carriers. However, unlike US deliveries, Canadian shipments have to go through Canadian customs which takes additional time.

Once shipped, how long will it take to deliver my Fusion3 3D Printer to an International destination via Air Freight?

Time to receive your Fusion3 3D printer can vary greatly when shipping to an international destination. We’ve, but we’ve found most orders are received within 7 to 10 days of leaving our warehouse. Factors include; availability of shipping space on commercial flights, the distance from the US to your country, time to clear customs in your country, and any special handling (like delivery from the airport to your location).

Is there any assembly required upon delivery?

Your Fusion3 printer arrives assembled and calibrated. There is no additional assembly needed upon delivery.

Interested in a live demo?

Each week we host live, interactive webinars to demonstrate the operation and capabilities of our F400-S 3D Printers.

Thank you! Please look for an invitation with dates and times for you to select from.