Advice and best practices for operating your Fusion3 3D printer

Avoiding Common Pitfalls with Simplify3D

Fusion3 bundles Simplify3D with our 3D printers as this slicer software is both easy to use and very powerful for advanced users. With all the different ways to customize and configure Simplify3D, it is also easy to accidentally cause problems that will negatively...

Fusion3’s 3D Printing Filament Testing & Certification Process

We at Fusion3 love that there’s a multitude of 3D printing filament manufacturers bringing different types of material to the market. It’s this variety that is the basis for our ‘Open Material Philosophy’ which ensures that our customers always have a wide selection...

How Much Does 3D Printing Filament Cost?

FUSION3 BLOG HOW MUCH DOES 3D PRINTING FILAMENT COST? The cost for 3D printing filament varies on the type of material you're printing and if the manufacturer requires you to purchase their brand of filament. If your manufacturer requires you to purchase...

The Importance of Properly Storing Your 3D Printing Filament

3D printing is a garbage in, garbage out process.  One of the key factors in ensuring you get great results is keeping your filament dust-free and dry.  There are 2 major areas we're concerned with: moisture and dust. PLASTICS JUST WANT TO ABSORB MOISTURE All...

Using the E3D silicone printhead ‘sock’

Since January 2017, all Fusion3 F400 3D Printers ship with the E3D silicone print head sock which provide a number of safety and performance benefits. For background, most print heads and nozzles are exposed to the air. Over time, the print heads will not only rust,...

How Much Does A 3D Printer Cost?

One of the common questions for people new to 3D printing is, How Much Does A 3D Printer Cost? I wish that were an easy answer. There is a wide variety in the types of 3D printers and their size, features, quality, durability and performance all factor into a 3D printer’s price. Here’s a quick guide to how much does a 3d printer cost; what prices you should expect to pay and what kind of features will accompany each:

Attend A Live, Online Demo

Each week we host live, online webinars to demonstrate the capabilities and features of the F410 3D printer.

Over the course of 1 hour, we take you through the process of printing a part, from start-to-finish, and with 2 way audio, encourage you to ask questions along the way.

Thanks for responding! Please look for an invitation via email within 1 business day.